Novidade: às segundas-feiras no studioteambox – Unplugged dance: reconnect your body and mind

Unplugged dance: reconnect your body and mind - studioteambox

We are talking about dance for workaholics…

During this dance improvisation workshop, we will let go, reconnect our body and our mind. You do not need to have any physical training or dance technique here.

We will explore through movement and dance, emotions, letting our imagination and our bodies express themselves.
Each session, starts with a mindfulness and relaxation moment.

You need to wear comfortable clothes and shoes (or grip socks).

Every Monday at 7.30pm, come and join our dance improvisation workshop @ studioteambox

Workshop duration: 1h30

12€ /class
40€ /month

Special cases:
Students and unemployed: 8€/class or 30€ /month
If you bring 2 people with you, one class is free 🙂

Please, note that the class will be in English.

no ipad, no iphone, no i-brain, just you 🙂

“Dance, dance; otherwise we are lost”. Pina Bausch

info and contact:

Ambre Perez - professional contemporary dancer and teacher
This workshop will be animated by Ambre Perez (professional contemporary dancer and teacher),
“I graduated from a business school (Master II) on 2008, and after working 5 years in finance (investment bank in the City of London and big companies), I decided to do what I love and live from it: I became a professional contemporary teacher and dancer. I got my contemporary dance degree in 2015 from the French Culture Ministry and the Paris Opera school.
I arrived in Lisbon one year and a half ago and now I am a dancer at Companhia Olga Roriz, and I also teach contemporary dance, and work on various artistical projects.
I believe we are all one in all we do, and not only one mind (when we work) and one body (when we practice sports); understanding our body and the connection with our mind makes us stronger and more conscious. Most of all, it feels so good…”

Unplugged dance: reconnect your body and mind