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Groove your Soul
Photo: Projection during the event "Groove Your Soul"

Studioteambox is a multipurpose space and prepared for different types of events.

If you are interested in holding an event in this space contact us: Space for Events in Lisbon.

Studioteambox is a multifunctional space with the possibility of adapting to various types of events and activities. All space furniture is movable and flexible for various possible uses and layouts:

1 - center table layout
(Meetings, brainstorming events, workshops, exercises)

Space Layout


2 – audience layout: seating capacity 56 to 63
(Presentations, workshops, projections, performances)

Space Layout


3 - free space layout
(Yoga, dance, taichi, music, theater classes)


Yoga Class

Contact us if you are interested in using our studio:

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» I want to Book the Studio for a Public or Private Event

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